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In a Virtual Private Server (VPS) environment, it is crucial that your data be tightly partitioned from others on the server.

The Netsymmetrics team has developed proprietary VPS technology to create a wall of protection around your server resources, protecting you from the activities of other customers so your VPS operates as if it were a single dedicated server.
Monthly Price:
6-Month Price:
12-Month Price:
Setup Fee (one time only):
Standard Features
- 1 GB Virtual Disk Space
- 30 GB Monthly Transfer
- Up to 30 Virtual Hosts
- MySQL Database
- Shell (SSH and Telnet) Access
- 1 IP Address
- 24/7 Technical Support
- Full Power Backup
- Web-based Control Panel
- 5 FTP/Shell Users
Customization Features
- Configurable Shell User Rights
- Daily Statistical Hit Analysis Using Analog
- Full Access to Access, Agent, and Referrer Logs
- Full Telnet/SSH Access
- Access to Server Configuration Files
- Automated Tasks with Cron
- Comprehensive Users Guide
E-mail Features
- Unlimited FTP (24 hrs/day)
- Anonymous FTP
FTP Features
- Unlimited FTP (24 hrs/day)
- Anonymous FTP
Database Features
- MySQL Database
Technology Features
- Microsoft� FrontPage� 2002 Extensions
- Full Custom CGI Execution Capability
- Perl, Mod Perl, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, SSI, PHP4
- Windows� Networking Client Support (SAMBA)
- Miva� Empresa™ Engine Support
- Apache Web Server
- Software Package Library

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