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binary tilt logoTo those who are already investing in binary options, they already are working with a broker that they trust. In order to trade with binary options, you need a broker that will aid you in your investments. In fact, this is one of the basics that every trader should know when they deal with binary options. If you are still in the middle of looking for a broker, you might want to get a good look at BinaryTilt, which is a binary options broker regulated in New Zealand, founded in the year 2013. It is owned under Sumor Forex Limited, which is a financial service provider registered in New Zealand. Their uniqueness that makes them stand out is that the broker itself is licensed within New Zealand. This is different because most of the licensed brokers are under Cyprus.

BinaryTilt also became one of the most trusted brokers in the binary options trading. The platform used is adopted from the design made by MarketsPulse, which is one of the leading provider of technology for the operations of binary options, including the spot forex trade. BinaryTilt is not the only broker that has adopted their platform. Several another broker such as Hantec Group, AvaFX and FXTrade Financials have also shared platforms with it, too.

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While the platform itself may not be too sophisticated compared to other platforms such as the SpotOption, but it has still a design sufficient enough to provide any user to easily understand how the operation is done after trying the platform for a few tries. For the convenience of its users, the broker BinaryTilt has also provided mobile applications for Android and iOS devices in order to cater the needs of their traders that are trading while always on the move.

Not all brokers and platforms support all trading contracts in binary options. With BinaryTilt, it supports High/Low, Range High/Low, Option on Demand and One Touch. The Option on Demand contract is one contract that not all traders are familiar with. In this contract, traders are able to customize trades through selecting the payout and expiration time that they see fit. Indeed, this kind of contract makes it a very unique feature of BinaryTilt, because it also give traders the option to open up a number of positions at a certain asset during any given time while that particular asset is currently being traded. Another unique feature is their demo account.

This is especially important for those who are having second thoughts on committing to a broker they have no idea about. Having demo accounts will help traders get to familiarize the platform and see for themselves whether or not the broker itself is suitable for their needs. Demo accounts usually last for a month – a trial period where traders can risk a little or no money at all. Although there are a number of brokers that offer this kind of feature, only a handful of them are able to provide trial or demo accounts that last a month.

Opening a live account with BinaryTilt will require you to at least deposit an initial amount of USD$350. Traders get to choose one of the 6 different accounts, which basically depends on the amount of the trader’s initial deposit – Basic Account at USD$350, Classic Account at USD$1000, Premium Account at USD$5000, Gold Account at USD$10000, Platinum Account at USD$20000 and Privilege Account at USD$50000.

For Basic Account, traders get to have the daily analysis and 4 days of withdrawal processing only. The classic account gets a personal broker, daily analysis, level 1 trading classes, a week of trading signals, 3 days withdrawal processing and risk-free trades of up to 25 each. Premium account gets daily analysis, a personal broker, level 2 trading classes, one-month trading signals, and 2 days withdrawal processing. Cash back for premium account holders is at 0.5%, its required turnover is between 25,000 – 75,000 and minimum balance to maintain is 2,500. Gold account holders get daily analysis, personal broker, level 3 trading class, 3 months trading signals, 1 percent added payouts and a 24 hours of withdrawal processing.

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Cash back is 1 percent, required turnover is similar to premium account holders and the minimum balance required is 5,000. Platinum and Privilege account holders get the most features out of all accounts, with Privilege account having the most advantages. Platinum has level 4 trading classes, a webinar, BinaryTilt dashboard, a year trading signals, 2 percent added payouts and 24 hours withdrawal processing.

Cash back is at 2 percent, 75,000 to 100,000 required turnover and a minimum of 10,000 balance. Privilege gets all features, with differences of instant withdrawal processing, 3 percent additional payouts, 3 percent cash back, required turnover beyond 150,000 and a minimum balance of 25,000. Trading signals for this account are given for a lifetime.

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